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About Me

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My name is Dominic Brant. I’m an IT professional with experience in troubleshooting and configuring devices and services for large, established companies and startups alike.

One of my primary hobbies is web development (full-stack but with a greater focus on front-end). Below is an overview of my skills and a portfolio featuring some of my projects.

My Skills

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Things I've Made


Weather App

Shows the weather forecast for either today or the next five days.

Built with: React Hooks, Reach Router, OpenWeatherMap, and Netlify Functions.

Blurry Image Load

A progressive image loading library. Inspired by Medium’s similar technique.

Built with: CSS, Javascript.

Wallpaper Creator

Allows the user to upload a photo, and creates a wallpaper for their device. The wallpaper consists of the photo centered over a blurred background.

Built with: Node.js (Express and Sharp).


A website for a fake company.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript.



A flat, minimalist drawing of the moon. Based on this tutorial.

Built with: Gravit Designer.

Get in Touch with Me

Feel free to send me an email: . You can also find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, and Behance with the links below.