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About Me

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My name is Dominic Brant. I’m a web developer focused on writing efficient, modular, and accessible code.

My previous work experience has afforded me a strong background in technical support, business operations, and empathy-first customer service.

I graduated from San Diego State University with bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

My Resume




Oct. 2014

As a Genius, I assist customers in troubleshooting their iOS and macOS devices, and performing hardware repairs when necessary. A large portion of the role consists of working to find solutions in a timely manner, often with people who are frustrated. This role also requires that I establish myself as a leader and mentor to my peers.


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  • Practical, self-taught knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, particularly React. This includes making interactive, responsive, and accessible websites using these languages' newest features and standards.
  • Server-side knowledge in making REST APIs, HTTP servers, CLIs, and other utilities with Node.js.
  • While I don't use them often in my projects, I have a beginner level of familiarity with JQuery and Python.
  • Photo manipulation using Pixelmator. Graphic design creating vector drawings using Gravit.

Software & Tools

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Things I've Made


Weather App

Shows the weather forecast for either today or the next five days.

Built with: React Hooks, Reach Router, OpenWeatherMap, and Netlify Functions.

Blurry Image Load

A progressive image loading library. Inspired by Medium’s similar technique.

Built with: CSS, Javascript.

Wallpaper Creator

Allows the user to upload a photo, and creates a wallpaper for their device. The wallpaper consists of the photo centered over a blurred background.

Built with: Node.js (Express and Sharp).


A website for a fake company.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript.



A flat, minimalist drawing of the moon. Based on this tutorial.

Built with: Gravit Designer.

Get in Touch with Me

Feel free to send me an email: . You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Behance with the links below.